Sunday, February 12, 2012

Buffet 101

Since it first opened, I have wanted to try this place. Unfortunately, its always been a miss for me since people I was supposed to go to with would back out at the last minute. If it wasn't the last hurrah of Team Oli, I think I would still not have eaten here.

It was a good thing that I knew the manager of the place and so we were able to get the best seats in the house; right next to the buffet place. :) Team Oli and I trooped over on a Saturday night and ate to our hearts content. What I really love about the place though is that it gave you that distinct 5 star hotel feel while allowing you to come in wearing casual clothing.

There was a huge selection of food and I was able to take photos of it. I love the Chinese area the most. I may be biased though since I am half Chinese.

They have over 250 viands for you to choose from, enough to make you go crazy because you can never taste them all in one go. It's just not humanly possible. I stuck to one of the areas that I am most comfortable with and this is the Chinese cuisine area. I also got around to the desserts after I was done and overindulged once more.

Given the chance, I would bring my family to eat here. I'm sure they will love it just as much as I did.


  1. Replies
    1. Mall of Asia ... along the San Miguel by the Bay Area ... lagpas ng MOA Eye

  2. How much is Buffet 101? There would be a Vikings branch near my area. yey! :)

  3. Wow.:) I haven't been to Buffet 101 even if some friends have recommended this place to us. My family was supposed to go there yesterday for an advance celebration of V Day. Sayang, nasiraan kami ng sasakyan in the middle of the road. :(

  4. where is that po?

    I'd like to go there! haha


  5. Definitely on to-try-out someday with my family list. :) *ipon ipon mode*


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