Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a date at Share Tea

After Cafe Juanita, we went off to Share Tea which would be milk tea # 4 for me and milk tea date # 2 for us that night.

Before we went to Share Tea though, he had me look at Ace Water Spa which is apparently something that he liked. He was urging me to bring B and try it out. I didn't have the heart to tell me it was a wee bit far and inconvenient. However, I did like what I saw and I'd most likely try it out on my own.

I initially ordered the QQ Happy Family Milk Tea which had 5 toppings on it. I actually found it really nice and I loved it. I was intrigued about the red beans, the crystal jelly, the pudding, the pearls, and the nata de coco. However, there was a minor mishap and so we had to report it to the crew.

Amazingly, the crew knew customer service and replace my regular drink with a big one. They also asked me to choose another drink since they heard it was my first time to try it. Talk about GOOD customer service.

I was impressed and I am now a FAN!

hokkaido milk tea (mine) and milk tea with rock salt and cheese (funny guy)

This is me enjoying my Share Tea milk tea. I loved the taste, the texture, the fact that there was no aftertaste and that even when it got a bit warm because funny guy and I kept chatting, it still tasted good.

And this is the end of the 3 part pre-Valentine date that I had with the funny guy. Thank you for making February 13 a truly wonderful night. 


  1. milk tea and funny guy for a valentines date,nice naman. i like milk and tea so for sure i'll be a fan of Share tea too.

  2. That's cool. Haven't been there yet. I am not a fan of tea, but maybe if I will try, magustuhan ko na rin. You are beautiful couple.



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