Sunday, February 19, 2012

Soderno at Molito

I've wanted to visit Soderno for the longest time and last Friday, I was finally able to convince my Mom to get out of the house and join us. I was really hoping that she would like the place so that we could go back another time.

She has never been to Mercato nor Salcedo market so this is actually a first for her. Luckily, she found food that she liked. I lost a big amount of money but it was oh so worth it because here are the foods that made them smile.

Bawai's Deli fresh shrimp roll Php150
Bawai's Lumpia Php150
Paella Negra (Php80)
Gelati Ice Cream Php120/scoop
Filipino delicacy P350
Mochiko, Php400 for 6 pieces
 And what made me happy? Aside from the fact that my Mom loved the place, these made me smile.

Happy Fanshu milk tea which was so-so
Mr Tea Milk Tea which was pretty okay
I had two cups of milk tea and they definitely fixed my addiction. I'm glad that we were able to relax for a night and that my Mom had fun. She was very happy, therefore, I was very happy.


  1. I didn't like happy fanshu because it was too sweet.

  2. I'd love to try Gelati and the shrimp roll! :)

  3. Winner ang flavors ni Gelati! I hope they offer that in Mercato also! Ooh, Bawai's has a stall there? I've heard good stuff about their resto in Tagaytay. :) An of course, I am a big fan of mochi ice cream! :D


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