Gotti Ristorante

We dined here last September. It was a new place for us and V was looking for steak and fortunately, they have steak. K, B, and I wanted pasta so we were all good. As always, FM eats just about anything.

Going in, one would think that it was a slightly upper scale fast food place. It had the feel of a fast food place but the tables and chairs were a bit nicer.

Soon as we settled in, we ordered the following:

After 8 brownie cake was simply the best. I loved it and I'd eat it again and again if I could. I have always wanted After 8. It's just too darn expensive. A packet of 24 pieces is Php900 so its out of the budget. Now, when I see a coffee or cake that has After 8, I immediately order it.

The strawberry ice tea was filled with strawberry syrup. It was overkill. =(

The soup had too much salt on it. Aside from that, it was pretty okay. The pasta and pizza were so-so. There was nothing outstanding and it was just pure disappointment.

Now that I know what Gotti has to offer, I don't see myself going back to this place. Food was not that good and service sucked.

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  1. Tried Gotti's a few months ago at Megamall, it was good naman. :)