a night to remember at Barbara's Restaurant

Soft breezy winds, overcast skies, flutter of a fan, and the swish of the saya as it passes by tells me that I have traveled back in time. Flickering candles, intricate needlework, and framed mirrors and photos tell stories of people who lived in the past. The walls whisper their stories, the food tells of their legacy.

I am at Barbara's ... it is circa 2012 but I feel like I've been transported back to circa 1898. 

Barbara's is one of Intramuros well kept secret. In fact, it was only through word of mouth that I heard of this place. It was a very soft whisper. If you ask people about it, they would tell you its a wedding reception place but no one would think to dine here on their own, with a family, or on a date.

It's time to change that. Barbara's is actually a family owned restaurant that aims to allow people to attend a salo salo straight out of Noli Me Tangere while showcasing cultural dances that promises to elicit a gasp and thunderous applause. The cultural show is such a crowd pleaser that you'd have to have extremely poor taste or lacking the cultural bone in your body to not appreciate it.

The cultural show was the main highlight of the entire dinner but lets not forget the food. Some of the viands that stood out for me were the following:

chicken and potatoes
lumpiang puso ng saging
banana fritters
coffee jelly
These are the food that I would eat again and again at Barbara's. It was delicious and not overpowering. The chicken was soft and chewy, the lumpia was bursting with flavors, and the desserts were to die for. While the show was a feast for the eyes, the food was a feast for the palette.

And the thing that I love most about the place was that it was a picture waiting to tell a thousand stories. Here are my photos that have stories waiting to be told.

Come, visit me. I will be waiting at Barbara's Restaurant in Intramuros.

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Email: barbarasrestaurant@yahoo.com
Mobile No.: +63 917 838 7545

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  1. OMG. Beautiful! Thanks for this post. My husband and I plan to visit Pinas in September and I definitely should take him here.

    1. Please do so. It's truly an experience!

  2. We (and hubby) will definitely visit this place when he comes home. We love pinoy food and would love to watch again fold dances, too.

  3. I wonder how Coffee Jelly tastes. I haven't tried indulging into such treat :)

  4. This is one of the reason why I want to book a ticket and fly back home just experience this.

    Who would have thought that there is this restaurant wherein you initial reaction would be: Oh! this is just another cultural dance show or sort of that. But surprisingly, you will be treated with foodies their own trademark.

    Moreover, who would have thought that upon dining in you will be entertained by amazing dances from graceful local dancers and let you travel back in time and reminisce the past circa 1898.

    Amazing! awesomely amazing! I'll give you a high-five and two-thumbs up!

  5. We've been going around Intramuros for like hundred times already but how come no one whispered to me this?! Thanks for sharing sis. We'll surely look for this place the next time we go to Manila. :)

  6. I'm intrigued with the sight of coffee jelly...it's really inviting; more so on the "lumpiang puso ng saging' and that crispy-looking banana fritters. I can't wait to taste it.

  7. I am more enticed because of the cultural show and the interiors! :D

  8. Ganda!!! May sayawan pa. Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng lumpiang puso ng saging. Hihi.

  9. wow! that place is indeed interesting and eeee.. miss those filipino dances and foods and waaahhh..beautiful post..thanks for sharing!

  10. this is such a great place to relive the best about our culture. would love to go there with my hubby soon. arcee here.

  11. Wow! a place like blast from the past! Aside from the flavory recipes and interesting culture of our beloved Pinas!

  12. It's really more fun in the Philippines...great dishes and entertainment. It refreshes us about our culture.

  13. Was that really chicken or lechon? :) Glad you had a great time. :)


  14. That's wonderfully refreshing. It's been a while since I've gone to Intramuros. Maybe this month's a good time.

  15. This place is fabulous. I like the idea of watching cultural dances while enjoying the food. I bet, I will enjoy watching than dining...lol.

    I will try my best to visit this place when I get home. It's been a long time since I had not been to Intramuros. The last time was when PNU - Agusan performed for the Wow Philippines representing Agusan del Sur sometime in 2003 and I was still la student then.

    Anyways, the coffee jelly looks appetizing to me.

  16. IT was such a great time to remember. Looks like this night was filled with amazing fun


  17. The place looks great! Very ancestral! I also thought the chicken was lechon! :)

  18. Wow. Beautiful, indeed. I hope to be able to dine there and experience our beautiful culture.

  19. Wow, what an opening salvo. Lavet! :) I see this resto every time I'm in Intramuros but never really got to try it. Next time I should junk yet another photo walk and just binge at Barbara's.

  20. Hey it looks like an interesting find :) We rarely find ourselves in the Intramuros area, but if ever we are there, we will make time now to check this place out :)

  21. i regret not pursuing to go this place with a friend last time. The place is beautiful and I have to try the food myself.. hihihi
    Impressive review! Good luck Ms Kay! :)

  22. Parang Pearl Farm Beach Resort me ganyang mga show! Indeed its unforgetable night. Akalain mo binuhay nila ang sina-unang sayaw. Colorful, nice atmosphere and tasty food. What else you want? lol

  23. A very nice place to visit for a Change, I'm the kind of guy who like and spends time on modern themed place. This kind of theme is something new for me, but will sure visit this place for a change.

  24. Nostalgic. And the furniture looks like it was from hundred years ago.

  25. a taste of culture and cuisine a nice combination.

  26. cool setting! at may free performance pa..very entertaining place.. who's that classic lady? your grandmom?

  27. I've never dined in Intramuros before. We should look into venturing there more.

    I love your intro and the way you wove in the history and the food together, even the Noli Me Tangere references. :)

  28. I agree with the desserts! But other dishes failed to impress me.


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