Monday, February 4, 2019

YES! Samgyupsal

One of the things that my family and I love most is eating out. With us, it's become a bonding session and this is the best time for us to catch up on each other's lives. After all, nothing can be better than having great food and awesome company.

Last Friday night, my family and I trooped over too YES! Samgyupsal located along BF Aguirre. It's pretty easy to spot since you'll see this really cute mascot outside.

First thing I noticed about the place was how spacious it was. DEFINITE PLUS POINTS since a lot of Korean barbecue places tend to have limited space. You could literally hear the conversation of the people in the table beside you which I really dislike. At YES! Samgyupsal, this is not a problem at all. Just look at how spacious the place is.

I also like that there was absolutely no smoke inside even when the place became a full house later on in the night. When you have more than 10 tables and all of them are grilling meat but there is no smoke, that's a little impressive.

The best part of this place is the price. At PhP499, you get 8 side dishes including steamed egg, soup, iced tea, plain rice, and 8 kinds of meat. Dang, 8 KINDS OF MEAT. I think this is the only Korean Barbecue place that I have tried that has this price range with this many choices and I have tried over 20 Korean Barbecue place. 

As mentioned, you get 8 types of meat and if you add a bit more, you get 9 kinds of meat.

These are the side dishes. Not in photo are the steamed eggs, soup, and another dish that contains veggies.

This is the steamed egg. I love that it is served generously.

Here are the different meat selections. They're not the softest meat you'll ever have but heck, for the price point, it was more than enough. It tasted good and that is more than enough for me. For me, it's more than enough bang for buck. 

 With the spacious place, tasty food, affordable price point, and really friendly staff, YES! Samgyupsal has made it's way to being part of my Top 5 choices for whenever I crave Korean Barbecue. It's affordable, clean, and you definitely get more than what you paid for.

What's not to love?

FACT: My Mom was already planning on when we'll be going back even before we left the place.

PS. This is located right across Ralph's Wine.

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