Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tony Moly Eye Tone Single Shadow

I have always loved the basics. When I put eyeshadow on, I normally stick to basic colors in the shade of brown such as this.

M03 Fallin Flower

S03 Dressy Beige

As you can see, I really do favor the brown family because my skin tone looks good with it. It also goes with almost any shade of clothing I have so its not hard for me to match it with anything. It's definitely a classic.

It's easy to put on as it doesn't make a mess and there are no crumb like aspect to it. It's also easy to remove as it easily goes off when you wipe with make up remover.


Enhance your eye with a combination of matte and shimmery shade with TONYMOLY's Eyetone Single Shadow. From single tones in silky texture to neutral hues. The shadows in color chip shades of this matte palette will make you forget the sparkle while the shimmer tone will surely give you natural radiance. 

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