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Azalea Residences in Baguio

I used to be a resident of Baguio and have come back to this place 2x since I left it back in 2004. I have never heard of Azalea Baguio until a friend of mine mentioned it. Fronting Teachers Camp, Azalea Baguio is definitely not hard to find since it is located near one of the main institutions of Baguio which is Teachers Camp.

First impression of the place was not that grand. It was spacious, welcoming, and it was like any other hotel for me. There was nothing outstanding until I looked up. These flowers on the wall surrounding the hotel definitely made it stood out. I liked it very much.

We were given welcome drinks and led to a corner where the briefing was done. Thankfully, my roommates and I had a room prepped and so we were able to head over to our room.

The room we had had 2 rooms and a sofa bed in the middle. It was very spacious and I chose the sofa bed simply because it was right in the middle of everything. It was very comfortable and I had 2 good night's sleep on this bed. There was no air-condition but since it was Baguio, it got pretty chilly at night.

sofa bed as a bed 

sofa bed as a sofa 

This is the kitchen area which my blogger friends and I turned into a working area since some of us had to bring work to Baguio. Thankfully, this area is also where WiFi was the strongest.

These two, JC and Paul, were our very own personal concierge. I have to say that they did their job very well and really indulged us in our stay there.

A welcome fruit basket awaits you soon as you enter your room and they also give you complimentary water bottles.

They also had 3 remote controls for the television and it was such a funny moment for my roommate and I because we couldn't figure out how to use these.

They also have their own in house restaurant called Tradisyon. They actually have a pretty big selection when it comes to their buffet and the staff were very attentive, prompt, and easy to deal with. This is something that I always look for when it comes to hotels because no matter how fancy shmancy a place is, if the staff is ill mannered, one would never enjoy their stay.

The housekeeping department of Azalea was also very good in handling requests. Sometimes, I make one crazy request just to see if they can do it or would be willing to attempt to do it and during this trip, I requested a USB flash drive so we can transfer a file for a movie to watch.

I was so happy when they looked for one and sent it over. They also had two technicians set it up for us. Though we weren't able to watch because Samsung couldn't read our mp4 files, I was still very much impressed with them because the attempt to make it happen was there.

Staying at Azalea Baguio Residences was very pleasant for me. I never had an incident with any of the staff. The place was clean and well maintained. It is exactly what any hotel should aim for. Most of the hotels I have stayed in always seem to have attitude issues with the staff but for Azalea, this was never a challenge.

I definitely recommend staying at Azalea. It's easy to find, near the city, the place is clean, staff are very friendly and accommodating, and the best part of it is that their rates are very reasonable. What more can you ask for?

Well for those who actually really want a staycation or perhaps to prepare something for someone special, you can also do a home cooked meal because some of their units come with a small table. You can request the concierge to prepare the table to look like this.

The room also comes with cooking materials, an over, a ref, and an electric stove stop. If you are missing something, you can always ask the staff to get it for you. For someone like me who loves preparing Lettuce Wrapped Ground Beef, this was definitely a plus.

To cap it off, you also get a nice view of Baguio. Heaven!

Definitely, Azalea Residences in Baguio made it to my list of places where I would love to stay when I go back to visit. It was a dreamy 3 day stay and I can't wait to go back.

Azalea Residences

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