Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oishi Great Lakes Wholesome Refreshment

As a Mom, one of the things I normally struggle with is finding something that my son can take to school and drink that would be healthy but at the same time, it would taste great. I remembered when I was young that I hated having to drink water everyday or having just one kind of juice to drink for the rest of the month. I wanted to give variety to my son and sadly, there weren't really that many choices.

A couple of days ago it was my son's birthday and I was suffering from the same problem when lo and behold, this came in the mail.

 I was very happy upon seeing that it was a Juice Drink because I was able to have a taste of their veggie drink before and I loved it. I took a peek and I was very, very happy. It not only had the veggie drink but the fruit juice as well. Best thing is that it now comes in big packages.


It instantly became a part of the small celebration we had at home for my son's birthday. Funny thing is, we finished 2 of the big packages and 6 of the small ones. It was just so good.

My son preferred the veggie one much to my delight. He actually finished a big glass of it all by himself and without me forcing him to drink it.

I'm so glad Oishi Great Lakes offers wholesome refreshments now that goes well with meals and snacktime. Having fruits and vegetables daily are important to me and this is one of the fastest ways to ensure my son will have his daily fill. The fact that it has no artificial coloring, flavoring, and sweetener also matters.

Oishi Great Lakes comes in two yummy flavors; Tropical Fruit and Fruit and Vegetable Mix. Let them know how you keep healthy and refreshed with these two juice drinks by using the hashtag #WholesomeRefreshment.

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