I'll be there ...

A lot of people say that often. I'll be there for you. Don't worry, I'll never leave you. If you need me, just holler and I'll come running. A lot of people say this but only a few, a very few, can actually man up and stick to these words.

Today, you and I had our first crazy moment and while I handled it in my usual "I'm panicking! OMG OMG OMG" way, you were pretty calm. Even when I was picking a fight with you, you just kind of went into chill mode and laughed at how silly I was being. You kissed away my silliness.

Eventhough you were pretty busy and had so many things going on, you went here and spared me the few minutes I asked for. Thankfully on my part, I have learned to say what I need and I was able to tell you that I really needed you there for a few minutes and I needed a hug.

On your end, you knew well enough to comply. I say we do fit each other, you and I.

Thank you for being there when I really needed you to be there. Mwah!