Tuesday, June 30, 2015

you make my heart smile

Its been almost 4 months since we started dating and initially, I was seeing other guys aside from you. However, in the months that passed by, I just found myself spending more time with you and slowly letting go of the others who I was interested in. There was just something about you that held my interest.

You were not clingy. Sometimes you would message me once a day and sometimes, we'd have marathon conversations on Viber. There would be times you would just randomly call and I realized that I have come to look forward to those random ring of my phone and your name would show up.

You were very supportive. Even when you don't understand my world and my job, you would give me insights on how to go about my job. You would also push me to strive harder and do better. You made me realize that I can be so much more than I already am.

You are randomly sweet. Yes, I say randomly because its not often that you are but when you drop your lines, it makes me melt. When you stare at me and I ask you why then you reply "you're beautiful" in that deep voice of yours and you hold my hand, I just go "awwwww."

It took you 3.5 months before you even said I love you. This mattered to me because then I knew that you meant it. As you said, I love you is sacred to you and its not something that you just say to anyone. You still don't say it every day but when you do, I know that you mean it and I have come to treasure the few instances that you do say it to me.

So there ... you make me smile and most importantly, you make my heart smile. I hope I do the same for you my bear. :)


Your Bella

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