Thursday, July 23, 2015

till we meet again ...

I didn't cry. Damn, I was so proud of myself for not shedding a single tear while we were together. I know that you didn't want me to cry for you or us. You told me that before and I made it a point to remember it.

I didn't cry; not until your car disappeared from view that is. Then, I cried. I cried as I walked the few steps to my house and when I kissed my Mom, I cried. I cried and she held me and she said the words that I needed to hear. She said, "maybe it will work out. Have faith."


From this day forward, this relationship of ours will rely on faith and faith alone. I will need to remember that you promised me that you will do what you can do remain faithful and to make this work. I need to believe in your words for it is the only thing that I have from you.

Earlier today I kept saying that I needed to be ready for this to not work and you were also saying the same thing but I realized, WE HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL. We have something that a lot of people only dream of.

Sitting in a coffee shop with you just talking, not realizing hours have already passed ... simply enjoying each other's company and not getting bored ... accepting each others quirks ... not changing each other and letting the other grow, this is something that only a few have in the world and I realized ... I DO NOT WANT TO LET THIS GO.

So instead of saying that we need to be ready to let each other go, I will say this.

My bear, I will not let you give up on us so easily. I refuse to not have faith. I will constantly remind you of how beautiful our love is, how I will never hinder you from growing, and how I will constantly push you to be better. When you are exhausted from working, I will be there to cheer you on and remind you that you can get up the next day with renewed energy. Should you feel that you have nothing to give anymore, I will remind you that it is okay to rest for a little bit and then get up again and face the world.

We will make this work and when you feel like giving up, I will remind you of the good times that we had as well as the bad for the bad made our bond stronger and the good made our love grow more. When you feel like you have no more love to give to me, I will love you for the both of us until you find it in you to give love again.


So today I did not say goodbye and you didn't as well because we know, we both know deep down in our hearts that it is not goodbye ... it will never be for the two of us ...

Till we meet again .... until then, take care of my heart as I take care of yours.

PS: I hope you liked how our day turned out. For me it was absolutely perfect.

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