Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dessert Food Crawl in Baguio (what to do after summer)

On our last day in Baguio that was sponsored by the Azalea Residences, we were given free time to roam around and explore the city on our own. Lucky for me, I had two friends who were game to join me in my exploration of the city. I honestly did not know what I wanted to do but I knew that I had to get off on Session Road.

What happened next was an epic quest to try out as many desserts as we can on Session Road and the nearby streets. Below are my two companions for this awesome food crawl. Chiki of and Patty of 

First stop was Vizcos in Session Road. Chiki said that it had the most delicious Strawberry Shortcake. I was honestly not impressed at the thought of it until I went in and saw how many they have on display and at the back of the restaurant. It seems they really are famous for their Strawberry Shortcake because they had over 30+ in storage just for that day.

As you can see, they used fresh strawberries and I would have expected nothing less since strawberries are very easy to access for them.


Verdict: LOVE IT! Eventhough I am not a fan of this kind of cake, I found myself enjoying the taste. It wasn't too in your face and it melts in your mouth. The strawberries were also very sweet and the icing just right.

Next on our list was Pizza Volante. Chiki said that they have this Choco Vanilla Affair that is a must try.

I cannot believe that this thing is only Php80. It was so creamy and oh so good. Truthfully, I would have wanted to eat this all by myself but I realized that I needed to share and so I did, albeit with a breaking heart. Volante is located across Vizcos in Session Road.

Third on our list was Cafe by the Ruins and this time around, it was a sweet merienda that we aimed for.

We ordered the Champorado and at Php160, it was already good for the 3 of us.

I loved the champorado. The danggit balanced the sweetness of the champorado. It was absolutely divine.

Last stop on our list was Tea House. We had to limit it to 4 places because we were only given 2 hours.

Chona's Delight in Tea House along Session Road is another must try. It's not presented in the best possible way since it is in a container but one bite and you wouldn't care that it was in a plastic storage. Chona's Delight was named after the daughter of the owner. The small one which we got costs Php130 and the bigger one is Php190. This was probably the sweetest dessert we had that day. The chocolate gooey cream is combined with custard filling then topped with chocolate ganache. The whipped cream on top though gets ruined by the cover but then there's the joy of wiping it off using your fingers and then eating that bit straight from your finger to your mouth.


We also tried the Hill Station beside Mt Cloud BookShop and it was death by chocolate. It is located in Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road.

This huge slice costs Php130 if I remember it correctly and it is simply layers and layers of chocolate goodness. If you are watching your weight, don't even go near this one. It is definitely sinful.

However, the real dessert to die for in my opinion is this Basil Cream Cake from Cafe Yagam. It doesn't look much but this was the one that I wanted to bring home to my family so they can try this delicious treat.

This piece of heaven felt like I was eating pesto but in a new form entirely and it worked. It really worked. I have to say that I was quite surprised because it was like eating veggies but in cake form and it wasn't icky at all. SUPER DUPER LOVE THIS.

So for those looking for things to do in Baguio after summer, why don't you go on a Baguio Food Crawl? There are still so many things left to discover about Baguio. Afterwards, head over to Azalea Residences and allow them to help you recover from food coma.


  1. I am not a fan of desserts so obviously, of the places you went to on your last day, the one I did visit when I was there and enjoyed was Cafe by the Ruins. I thought the drinks were good pero staying there was even better.


  2. Food trip in Baguio is definitely a good idea! It's been a long time since I last visited the place. Hope to be back soon and I will definitely try your suggestions here. :)

  3. I really love the strawberry shortcake of vizcos!! Would definitely come back whenever i'm in baguio. And yes, baguio still has a lot to offer whether summer or not. :)

  4. OMG!! I will surely love this place!! I wanna try the Strawberry cake!!!

  5. DESSERTS! How I love desserts. I just checked Love Desserts at Fairview and it's a heaven place. I'll add your discovery on my list so I can check when I visit Baguio.

  6. Of the places you've visited, i've been to Cafe by the Ruins and Volante. But not for desserts. The pinikpikan manok (battered chicken), is a must try at Cafe. Sonnie

  7. I would love to try Vizcos' Strawberry Shortcake! Thank you for sharing!

  8. I'd go to Baguio just for the champorado and danggit! Brings back fond childhood memories of chilly mornings with us kids eating this for breakfast though we have tuyo. Now I'm having serious cravings!

  9. The last time I visited Baguio was back when I was still a kid. I'd love to try Strawberry Shortcake - it looks very good!

  10. Super yummy food crawl and this is the food crawl that I would like myself to be involve in! Because its desserts! I am a sucker for desserts!

  11. You sneaky sneaky thing~ your posts made me want to run to a dessert shop right now...
    waaaaaaaaaaa! all the desserts featured look oh so yummyyyyyy!

  12. Yehey Baguio! and shoutout to Turistaboy Chiki! :D As a Baguio native I affirm of these desserts' goodness!

  13. We also stayed in Azalea Residences the last time we went to Baguio. I would love to try this dessert adventure, I already tried the Pizza Volante but their breakfast menu and it tastes great! Now I want champorado hehehe


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