Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Manila's best kept Beauty Secret - Luminisce

Luminisce Skin and Laser Center is one of the fastest rising beauty centers in the metro. Known for their personalized boutique service, Luminisce has a reputation for being the fancy little secret that today’s beauties know about but won’t share because they wanna keep it to themselves. Thankfully, Luminisce believes that sharing is caring and that everyone deserves the right to have smooth, glowing skin.

Luminisce recently launched their own website to help people have a better understanding of what the skin and laser center has to offer. The website comes in Luminisce’s signature colors and is navigation friendly.

The Luminisce website allows you to have a glimpse of what the skin and laser center has to offer. It also shows you who are the stars and famous personality who believes in the magic of Dra. Kaycee Reyes, the woman behind Luminisce. Head over to the site to find out why this is the newest Manila’s best kept secret.

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