Sunday, July 5, 2015

munimuni # 87

I have come to realize that though there are a lot of PR firms who are really good in taking care of their bloggers, there are also a lot who at the end of the day treat this as a business. They are right to do that though, since it is a business and at the end of the road, bloggers are just really a number on their ledger.

How many bloggers came? How many wrote about it? Did so and so blogger syndicate us? Did she attend the event? Did they post the press release?

As long as the answer is yes to all of these, you're in good hands with these PR companies. They love you, they adore you, they are your best friends in life. The moment one or more becomes a NO though, they conveniently forget you and stop inviting you and sending items at home.

You become another statistic, a has-been in this sorry "lets all use one another" world.

Due to this, I have become even more choosy of the events that I say yes to and the PR firms that I support. I understand that this is all business but since it is called public RELATIONS, I expected more and perhaps this is why I felt hurt upon realizing that I am just another number on their list.

Another point is that my son is already growing up and has started to really want to spend time with me. He is turning 10 and I know that soon enough, he might not even want to have lunch with me and so I would like to make the most out of the time we have left.

I have sacrificed a couple of events lately but I do not feel bad about it. Time well spent with love ones matter more to me now than any event or freebie. I just wish that other bloggers would realize this as well.

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