Saturday, August 1, 2015

I don't understand people who just can't seem to accept the word no. They ask you to do something and when you say no, they get this completely baffled look on their faces. What was the point of asking if it was okay or if you can do so and so if you were expecting a yes all this time?

No is a complete sentence. No one needs to qualify, elaborate, explain, or justify it. It means NO.

As for me, I say NO to ...
  1. people who only need me for something 
  2. people who do not add value to my life 
  3. people who only "love" me occasionally 
  4. negativity 
  5. sadness 
  6. destructive behavior 
  7. things and vibe that kill creativity 
  8.  grudges 
  9. people who do not appreciate me 
I am already 35. I do not and will not tolerate these kind of things in my life. I deserve better. How about you? What do you say no to?

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