Taoist Temple

It was Day 3 of my Cebu vacation with FM and he took us to Taoist Temple for he knew that I have never been to Taoist Temple eventhough I am a Cebuana by birth and have at one point, lived in Cebu.

I loved the beauty of the place. It was majestic yet serene. I loved the design and the intricacies of the wall etchings. It was just so beautiful.

See? It's such a lovely place and I'm really glad that FM made time for us to visit it. Lots of lovely memories to add to my already filled memory bank. 

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  1. i can still remember how amazed i was when i visited the taoist temple. i was in 3rd year high school then. think i need to revisit it again

  2. I think I'll be back here this week. :p