Friday, July 6, 2012


It was a dinner for FM's older brother's best friend. He was going back to the US and the family wanted to host a dinner for him. I was invited by FM to go with them.

We ate at Hanobe and this was not your typical Chinese resto. It was a bit posh and a bit more high end than the standard Chinese restaurant that I would normally eat at.

We ordered a lot that night and there was too much food. We didn't take home that much though because almost everything was consumed. Food was GOOD.

Below are some of my favorites. 

I can't really describe the food in detail anymore but the ones that you can see here are the ones I remember being really sumptuous.  Nothing shown here was bad or lacking in taste. It was just so good.

Overall, I'd definitely go back to Hanobe and have dinner again should I be given the chance.

Thank you again FM for the opportunity.

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