Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Justine's Surprise Party

We were extremely late. The party started at 630pm and I get off at work 530pm. It was in the far North and I was coming from Makati. I had to take the MRT and meet FM somewhere in the Quezon Ave area but we only got there past 730pm already. Traffic was bad.

When we arrived, party was already in full swing and the celebrator was already singing her heart out. We greeted her and then found seats for us. Luckily, Justine was not yet done blowing the candle on her cake and so we were able to take photos. Upon lighting the candle, this is what happened.

It seems that it was actually a sparkling candle that could not be blown. It was funny when Justine screamed because she was surprised. Afterwards, she sat down with us and we took it as an opportunity to have our photos taken with her.

Later in the evening, Justine requested that I sing with them on stage and because it was her birthday, I agreed to it. It was pretty embarassing since I couldn't hit the high notes anymore. Getting old has did my voice in. Sigh.

It was a fun night overall. Food at the venue was pretty okay and I had my share. Afterwards, FM and I went to buy milk tea at InfiniTEA but that is another post that will have to wait.

And yes, she is Justine Ferrer of Survivor Philippines 3, the first runner up. She may not have won the game but she is a true winner in my eyes for she remains down to earth and real. I'm glad I met her through FM and I am happy that they are friends.

Belated happy birthday Justine. :) Hope it was a good one for you.

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  1. Oww. Kapamilya kasi ako. hahaha. :p I had to google before I commented. Siya pala yun! :D


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