Wednesday, July 4, 2012

7 Corners

I was supposed to be going home after my shift. I was ready to lie down on the couch, wear a ratty shirt, and loose shorts and just watch TV. It was what I envisioned my evening to be.

It wasn't what happened.

Instead, what happened was that FM rang me and told me to meet him because there was a sudden family dinner and I was to tag along. I tried to decline but as we all know, FM can be persuasive. I also wanted to see him but I had a problem.

I had a big shirt on, jeans, and slippers. Yes, I was wearing rubber slippers. It was a Sunday and we were allowed to dress down at work when its the weekend.


I rushed to the mall since they were still at church and was forced to buy shoes and a top. It was a good move on my part because everyone was dressed nicely during the dinner and it was at a hotel resto.

We were the first to arrive and so I was able to take a lot of shots of the food. It was a buffet and as with all buffets, the stomach gets the best of me and I take one too many food.

The food at 7 Corners was okay. It was good but it wasn't outstanding. It was your typical hotel buffet. However, I did enjoy the dinner because I was with FM and his family.

Save for the dress code, the night was fun and I had a blast. The food may not have been that memorable but the night definitely was.


  1. Nang makita ko ang mga pagkain parang bigla akong nagutom. Hehe.. di ko maalala kung kelan ang huling kain ko ng mga yan.. o natikman ko na ba? hehe

  2. I have tried Xin Tian Di, but not 7 Corners. Sana makahuli ako ng voucher dyan soon! ;)


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