Sunday, July 15, 2012

B turns 7!

It was supposed to be a simple celebration. It turned out to be pretty special and lasted 1.5 days. B is a blessed child ... and this makes me very happy because he is my son and he is blessed.

Morning of the 13th started with B giving away loot bags to his classmates. He was very happy that eventhough there was no party, he had lootbags to give away. This is actually the 2nd time that he did this in his class.

He had a lot of fun with his classmates. The only pet peeve he had was that his classmates onnly greeted him happy birthday AFTER he gave out the loot bags. Hahahaha!

After the day, B was off to another celebration. This time, with FM and I. The celebration started with dinner at Amici. FM treated him and he ordered his favorite pesto pasta.

He wasn't able to finish all of it since he already had dinner but he really, really enjoyed the pasta.

Afterwards, FM bought him ice cream. He enjoyed that one as well. Very much so if I may say so. We then proceeded to the Cinema where it was his first time to watch a movie in the Cinema house. Since he loved Spiderman, we watched The Amazing Spiderman.

He was so well behaved during the entire movie. He got scared only once when the lizard man came too close to the screen which I found funny and endearing.

On our way home, the clock turned midnight and so it was B's birthday. We greeted him and had this shot taken. B looked like this because he was sleepy. LOL. The next day, we were off to Tagaytay to celebrate his birthday.

The day started out with him opening his gifts. One of the best ones was a cookie made under his name by the Fet Boys.

After he opened his gifts, he dressed up and we were off to the first stop of the day; PAMANA in Tagaytay.

Pamana is actually the place of my 2nd date with FM and we didn't have any photos of our date there. We took this opportunity to take a lot of shots to make up for it. LOL!

We ordered a lot of food and everything was GREAT! The food never fails at Pamana. FM and I enjoyed lunch when we went there sometime last January and we enjoyed it still. Our Aunt from London also loved the food.

Afterwards, we headed to Starbucks then Bag of Beans to have more fun.

On our way home, we were beating the time to get to Red Ribbon because FM and I were not able to get a birthday cake in Tagaytay. Luckily, it was still open and Arnie (B's Lolo - cousin of my mom) bought him a cake and he was able to get his song and blow the candle.

Thank you everyone for making his 7th birthday very special.


  1. belated happy birthday to B! may he continue to be blessed and healthy.

    he looked so happy :) nakakatuwa makita ang smile nya. and who wouldnt when he is surrounded by special people who loves him.


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