Monday, July 16, 2012


It was Mothers Day and I was feeling gloomy. You see, I had to work on Mothers Day and I felt like crap. Add to that was the fact that FM couldn't be with me because he also had a Mom of his own and I was not in the best of moods.

FM and I talked during my break and we happened to mention time. I jested that if he left at that time, he'd make it to my lunch break and we could have a quickie lunch. He said okay.


Lunch time came and he was there, ready and waiting for me. We had lunch at Army Navy and I was just so happy that he was there. It was unexpected and it was much appreciated.

I had their burrito and he had tacos. He wasn't too happy about my food, its a good thing that I loved their burrito. I don't know why but it just hits right where it should.

Overall, I was just so giddy and happy all throughout lunch that I did not mind being late for 20 minutes. He made an effort to be with me on this day and I was just so happy about it.

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