Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mad Marks

My Mom was not feeling too happy at that time. There were some challenges and to cheer her up, FM decided to take my Mom out to dinner at Cafe Juanita. It was raining and I had to meet them somewhere but we figured it was worth it since we were very sure my Mom would love Cafe Juanita. After almost 2 hours of travelling, we finally got to Cafe Juanita.

It was CLOSED. On the one night that we were able to convince my Mom to go out and have dinner, the restaurant was closed. FAIL!

We ended up at Mad Marks instead which was probably fate because I just saw a blog post about it a day or so earlier.

It was a casual place and so we were a tad bit too formal since we dressed up for Cafe Juanita. We proceeded to order and FM and I got the MAD Sandwich which apparently was BIG and mad. My Mom ordered some rice dish which was beyond horrible so I'm not going to bother to discuss it. We also ordered some wings and fries. The wings were pretty good and the fries was standard.

The sandwich was humongous and a bit dry but it was pretty good. FM ate using a knife and fork while I used my hands. It was funny.

Eventhough the night did not turn out the way it was supposed to, we still had fun and I know that my Mom was able to have a breath of fresh air and that is what mattered the most.

Thanks FM for taking my Mom and I out. We appreciate it.


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