Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hainanese Delights

My mind was a complete blank. I had some preparations to do at work but no resources to tap. My only option was to tap FM for information on something and luckily, he was free. We met and because he knew that I almost always forget to eat when I'm busy or distracted, he brought me here and this is where we had our meeting.

Yes, it was a meeting but it seemed like a date. Think: date but no personal talk; only business.

The good thing is that it was a pleasant place and the scenery surrounding was very pleasant.

We ordered the Hainanese Chicken and the BBQ Chicken. I also got some Krazy Kuchay and Sweet Raspberry Drink with Pearls.

The chicken was okay but the kutchay wasn't. I only finished 5 out of 10 and the 5 I had to force myself.

Still, it was an okay date because I learned a lot from the meeting. :) The food may not have been impressive but it was pretty okay.


  1. I haven't really tried this place. It's always crowded. :\

  2. It's always crowded in any branches I go to, but I heard the food is really good :))

  3. There's a branch of Hainanese Delights in SM North that I've always been seeing. Wanted to try the resto, but after reading your post, better not have high expectations.. ^^


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