Monday, July 16, 2012

Digman and Digman

We were on our way home when I mentioned to FM that I have always wanted to try Digman's Halo Halo in Cavite. FM, being FM, maneuvered the car and took us to Cavite instead of where I lived. And so, off we went to Digman.

Upon getting to Digman in Cavite, we realized that there were two stores that both claim to be The Original Digman Halo Halo. Because I am spoiled by FM, we tried both stores.

The first store we tried had a lot of people eating inside. Almost everyone ordered halo halo making it obviously their best seller. I loved the halo halo in this store. It was placed in a classic halo halo glass and the servings were big and they were generous with it as well. I like that in a halo halo. 

After we had Halo Halo in the first Digman store, we then trooped over to the other "original" Digman's Halo Halo. It was a few steps away which made it seem awkward in my opinion. I actually wonder if they were friends or if the families of the two stores were sworn enemies.

The second store had an almost equally good tasting halo halo. We still managed to finish it but I'd have to say the first one had the better Halo Halo which made me inclined to think that the first store is actually the original Digman Halo Halo.

It was an afternoon filled with sweets, milk, ice, and leche flan amongst other things. It was an afternoon of fulfillment for our tummies as we managed to cramp 2 big sizes of halo halo. It was an afternoon of fun.

Thanks FM! :)


  1. Now i want one even if it is raining!

  2. now you made me miss halo-halo. haven't tried digman and i think the last halo-halo i had was iceberg's

  3. How much is the halo-halo? I want to try both! :)


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