Friday, July 6, 2012

Little Store

FM was very excited to bring me here. He kept warning me that the store does not look that appealing but the fresh lumpia was the bomb. He was like a kid so I felt inclined to believe him. Upon seeing the place, I was taken aback.

It did not look like it was a store. It actually looked like it was an apartment that was turned into a store. Inside, it looked like a mini Chinese grocery.

The place itself was very simple. The walls were green and though small, it was clean.

Almost all the tables had fresh lumpia. I remember my Dad saying that if you go inside an eatery and everyone orders the same thing in almost every table, it is most likely the best seller of the place.

This is the lumpia that FM was raving about. One bite and I believed him. Seriously, this lumpia should be put to jail. It is so good that it has to be illegal. The veggies are fresh, the meat cooked just right, the peanuts are not too little nor too many, and the overall taste just leaves you wanting more.


The only thing I don't like about the place is the address. It is located in 2 Jose Abad Santos Street Little Baguio , San Jua. I live in the South.



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