meeting my HS friends

It was one of those meetings I had with my high school friends. It was normal for us to meet about twice a year and just catch up with each others lives. The difference this time was the fact that they were meeting FM for the first time.

I was excited but I was also nervous. They did not like the guy I introduced to them eons ago, then again, he really wasn't right for me.

Upon initial meeting, there was a bit of awkwardness but thankfully, as dinner progressed, things got better and they started talking. As with all dinners we had in the past, we ordered too much food. :)

I love that FM is finally meeting people who are dear to me and who matter to me. I love that our world is starting to merge and we're meeting people who have made us who we are. Most of all, I love that he gets along with them and that they like him upon initial meeting.

It was a night of talking and reminiscing with a bit of interview on the side. Haha. Hopefully, the next time they meet, they will be more relaxed and less guarded.