Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I won a Php1000 Relik lunch gift certificate from En-route a month or two ago. It was due to expire this month so FM and I decided to eat at Relik before it does. Crazy enough, we ate there yesterday at lunchtime and because of the incessant rain, there was no one having lunch except the two of us.

Talk about having the place all to ourselves. We had fun taking photos because there was no one disturbing the shots and could take photos to our hearts content. After, we ordered and since the price is actually not that expensive, we ordered a bit too much for ourselves.

They did not have any fruit shakes available so FM had Royal and I opted for 4 Seasons Fruit Juice. I loved the glass they used because its not your typical short glass found in Spanish restaurants. It looked cute and I loved it.

The Fresh Greens salad that they gave us which is a part of the Lunch set (php350) had too much vinegar on it. It didn't taste to my liking. FM finished it. He did say as well that it had a bit too much dressing. 

Roasted Pumpkin Soup php150
The pumpkin soup however made up for the salad. FM and I loved the ballerina design on top and the soup was just right. It wasn't too heavy nor was it too creamy. It was hot but it did not burn. It was simply DIVINE.

Mother Ann's Braised Ox-tail Php450
This is one of their best sellers according to the staff.FM loved it and the mashed potato underneath, I think it had too much sauce and too much bones, not so many meat. The entire thing, if weighted, would be 1/4 meat, 3/4 bones. Sigh.

Seafood and Saffron Rissotto Php320
FM and I both loved this. It was cooked just right and it was creamy. However, on the last 3 bites, it was just a bit too creamy. I think they should have lessened the cream to ensure that even up to the last bite, it wouldn't be too overbearing.
Chorizig Php295
Now this ... this is one of the best sisig that I have ever tasted in my life. the first bite along with the rice and I simply went "Ooohhhh mmm mmmm!" Yes, it was THAT GOOD! It was so good I did not want to share it with FM but of course I did. He loved it, I loved it.

I actually wanted to tell the staff that this is what they should recommend to people who dine at Relik. It was just so good but oh so fattening since a small dish would probably get you to eat at leasst 3 cups of rice. GAH!

Overall, we enjoyed our lunch out at Relik and I actually told FM that we should go back there and have Chorizig again.

Here we are, the happy couple and below, the GC's we used. We only paid an extra php237 which makes our total bill Php1237 only. I say its not bad for a meal that was that big. :) 

Thanks again Lynne and Ray of En-route for this great opportunity to eat at Relik. FM and I had fun.


  1. Mukhang masarap kumain diyan's the price? reasonable?

  2. Ohhhh. The Chorizig looks good! I love anything fatty! hahaha! ;)

  3. @ Jay: Very reasonable naman ...


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