Thursday, July 19, 2012

Les Miserables

FM invited me to go watch Les Miserables which was being performed by Philippine Science High School. R's friend was one of the cast and she had tickets for FM and kids and so FM got tickets for K and I.

The show was being staged by amateurs and so I was not expecting much. However, there were some students that were actually pretty good and as expected, there was one that was pretty bad. Still, it was fun watching Les Miserables and seeing the characters come to life and knowing more about the stories behind the music.

I Dreamed a Dream scene

A Little Fall of Rain Scene

It was fun save for a few seats. Les Miserables is a classic and the story of Eponine and Marius always tugs at the heart. The music was great and the renditions were pretty touching.

I'm really happy that though there is a slim chance of seeing Les Mis with a professional cast, I was able to witness the unfolding of this story right before my eyes.

To PhiSci, great job! To FM, thank you once again.


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