Monday, July 16, 2012

PF Chang

It was a rare Friday night that I got home early. FM and I did not see each other and I was home even before 8pm hit. Much to my delighted surprise, the twins asked me to dinner and we brought along B.

We ate at PF Chang and I was so happy because they have eaten there before without me. That Friday night, I was able to finally give it a try. Best thing, it was a treat. Yey!

I loved how big the place is and how spacious it was. The entrance was a bit intimidating but I actually liked it. It added splendor to the place. What I did not like was how dim it was inside. I felt that it could have used more light.

Now when it came to the food, below are the tastiest and most sumptuous feast that I have ever tried. The ground beef wrapped in lettuce was simply DIVINE. Seriously. I just hated that there were only 4 crisp fresh lettuce. Come on! I could have eaten 10 pieces.

Respectively, its chicken and prawns wrapped in orange, lemony, butter sauce. It was oh so good as well. I could have eaten 3 orders but since I don't want to go from fat to obese, I had a few pieces only.

As for the ribs, it was SOFT and CHEWY. It was tasty, easy to bite, easy to chew, and just plain yummy.

We had a great time and I bonded with my twin brothers. I loved nights like this and wish that there would be more in the days to come.

Thank you twins for the treat! I loved it!

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