Tuesday, July 17, 2012

social life

I have a pretty active social life. I have theater, film, food outings, and dates with FM. I also make it a point to spend time with my son and my family as well as my friends who I meet from time to time. This has been how my life has been for the past 4 years or so.

Lately though, I have come to realize that I am actually moving my schedule to make way for someone else's social life. No, its not FM. FM managed to just inject his life and intertwine it with mine. The other person we are talking about is B. Yes, you read that right, its B. B, my 7 year old son, now has a social life.

In fact, he already has 2 parties to attend to this Saturday and next Saturday. Imagine that? I had to move my Cinemalaya and lunch with a co-blogger to make way for this. Crazy right? I tweeted a few hours ago to fellow blogger mom's that  we know our babies are becoming little boys when we need to adjust our schedule to make way for their own parties. 

Sigh. My baby is now a little boy.


  1. And soon after that 7 becomes double, you'll realized you have a teenager..And that only mean one thing..tumatanda ka na Kay..hahaha.kidding. You're doing well..keep going!

  2. parties palang yan. wait til he gets into other curricular activities such as sports/art lessons or whatever he may have interest in. enjoy!

  3. After a few years, he'll be the one adjusting his sched for you. :) So make the most of it. :)


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