read a book session

I have been racking my brains for a way to make B follow what I say. Spanking him did not work, making him stand in a corner does not work, and scolding him till I have no voice left does not work either. I was ready to give up.

One night, he was being persnickety as we were about to do our book reading session before he went to sleep. I got upset and so I told him that I will not read his book anymore. It made him stop what he was doing and begged me to read. I realized I had something.

From now on, we talk everyday that if he will be a good boy, I will read a book to him if I am home when he goes to bed. If he isn't, then we don't read a book and he goes straight to sleep. It has been 3 days and so far, it has been fairly effective. He has been more behaved and he's also improving on his reading skills.

I feel proud of myself right now. Teehee.

books he is able to read on his own
Sidenote: Signs of love from my Mom. She got me these. MWAH!

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  1. reading books is really a great way to learn. i "force" a reading time to my son as well. :)

  2. It's nice that B loves books so much! :) It's quite rare to use your method for pangsaway. Really good job! :)

    My 4-year old nephew will only behave if you blackmail him with "no Thomas and Friends toys for you!" hahahaha.. XD

  3. Cool. :)

    Wish my son will also be like your boy --- a book lover. :)

  4. Hmmm...

    Show him that you're reading a book or a magazine. Tell him about what you're reading and ask him what he likes to read :)

    Bring him to the kids section of any bookstore and let him find a book of his liking ;)


  5. now you accidentally got the ace! it's a good way to develop B's reading skills :-)

    +1 to manong calbo's suggestion

  6. Oh yes..reading is really a great way to learn and that is why my sister hate me our small room is almost like a library:)