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munimuni # 72

This entire week passed by in a blur. I spent time with B, with friends, and with family. I also slept soon as I get home because the lappy tappy died and the desktop monitor was also laid to rest.

I took it as an opportunity to sleep earlier and wake up a tad bit earlier.

So for this post, I would like to say that I am grateful for the following:

♥ my family who is simply awesome 
♥ my work which enables me to send B to school and enjoy life
♥ B being 1st honor in school 
♥ my sister who tutors my son 
♥ my mom who takes care of my son when I'm not home 
♥ good food and great friends 
♥ the fact that though I am not the sexiest creature and could be healthier, I am loved.
♥ most of all, GOD for never leaving my side. 

For all these and more, I am grateful.