Saturday, November 19, 2011

31 Things Project: Date # 2

I went to get B's report card yesterday. Last quarter, the teacher told me he was ranked 4th in class. I was impressed but I knew that my son could do better. I know this because I know his potential. I pushed him even more and got him his activity books. You may think that its a bit too much but really, this is my son and I want him to maximize his fullest potentials.

To my dismay, the teacher told me that his grades dipped. I racked my brain thinking where I could have gone wrong. I made learning fun for him, pushed him when needed, and encouraged him to be better. We even have a tagline that goes like this.

Me: Practice .... 
B: makes perfect.

We'd repeat this whenever he feels lazy and it rejuvenates him or energizes him to do better. The teacher then asked me to sign the paper and lo and behold, I saw NAME and RANKING. Beside B's name was the number 1.

He got first honors this quarter. The teacher was just trippin' on me. Ggrrrr.

I am such a proud Momma. I am proud not because he got first honors but because he pushed himself and used his full potentials. I believe that is what being a parent is. We need to push them to be better, to always be the best of what they can be, and help them hone thier skills. We should never allow them to be mediocre.

Of course, with any good work, they deserve to be rewarded. Here is B with his choice of reward. We also had dinner at Cerveseria with some of my blogger friends.

It was fun being with my son and going around looking for books for him. This also serves as Date # 2 for B and I.


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