Friday, December 2, 2011

here we go again ...

TING! One message received. Heart leaps and a smile forms on my face. Here we go again. I just never seem to learn. One message received and a smile forms. Why am I so easily pleased? Why do I easily forgive? Why do I easily forget the pain?

Hey .... One greeting uttered. A memory forms and I am hooked. Here we go again. I just never seem to detach myself and analyze the situation. A greeting is said and I am forming memories. Why am I such a dork? Why am I such a romantic? Why am I such  a dreamer?

Chill. I say this to myself. Go ahead and smile. Go ahead and make memories. Go ahead ... just ensure that while you are doing so, heart is protected heavily and no one not worthy can put cracks on the wall surrounding it.


  1. so true... protect the heart at all costs :) take care, sis!

  2. Agreeing with your last line. :) Good luck in finding the right one achie Kay.


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