Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I was feeling a bit down the past two days so a good friend of mine decided that he would treat me out. We went around BF Aguirre scouring for a decent place to eat at when he saw Okinuri. He decided that we will eat there because the place was colorful and he thought it would make for good  photos and a nice blog entry.

I was delighted. My friend O, rocks. He knew exactly what would perk me up.

Upon entering, this is what greeted me. I loved it. This is where my friend and I stayed of course.

This is what we had.

chicken yakitori
bibibam don
seafood rice

The bibmiba don wasn't impressive, however, the yakitori was really easy to much on and they used real sticky rice for my seafood rice. Service wasn't that good because we had to call the attention of the staff several times and the server gave me the bill instead of giving it to my guy friend. Big no-no if you ask me.

Overall, I'd most likely not go back here since there are a lot of other Japanese places we could try. What I loved most about the place though was the interior. It rocked!


  1. I'd love to wear the red kimono again and go there.hahaha! :)

  2. The interior looks nice! :) Hope you're feeling better now.

  3. From the look at it, it seems so yummy I've been a lover of Asian cuisines and what I saw just made me hungry. LoL!

  4. @ michy: pwedeng pwede

    @ jay:it was

    @ sumi: thanks!


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