Monday, November 28, 2011

Talent Extravaganza

I would let out a belly laugh whenever my sister would dance before. Yes, it was mean; however, she reminded me of how I was before I learned to dance and I finally realized I was such a pain to look at because she was painfully funny to look at.

Today, she was part of the students who will be performing for the program Talent Extravaganza. She told me she would be dancing and eventhough I would never admit it to her, I was worried she might look funny on stage. Still, we encouraged her to practice, practice, practice.

I am glad that today, I was proven wrong. She has improved a lot on her dancing skills and she had the audience hooting during the gyrating part of the Lambada which they performed. I was definitely proud of her improvement.

teach me how to dougie
Overall, it was a fun afternoon. Some of the acts were a bit painful to watch but there were a few highlights including the Grease performers were truly a sight for sore eyes. I'm glad that I am able to support my sister in events like this.


  1. Such a cute and sweet entry.. :) Good job to your lil sis!

  2. Awww.. so sweet... you're such a supportive sister. :)

  3. Your sister is so pretty. :)

    I was an awkward dancer in grade school, but constant practice made it less traumatic for the audience. LOL


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