Friday, November 18, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness # 2

Last night, I passed by a Starbucks place to get some Strawberries and Cream frap for my Mom as a thank you for watching over my B while I go had fun at Mercato. Now, all of you know that I already got my Starbucks planner and I gave my chef brother the Seattles planner. This means that the stickers were totally worthless for me.

Before I even entered the place, I have already decided that I would be doing my random act of kindness by returning the favor. I have asked from random strangers their stickers and I planned to volunteer my stickers to a random stranger as well.

Soon as I got to the counter, there was a guy who just got his first 2 stickers. I thought to myself, here it is. I spoke to the guy and offered him the stickers I will be getting. I was pretty stoked and then he answered, "no thanks."

I was flabbergasted. Seriously, did he just say no to 2 free stickers?

Luckily, another man came up to me and asked if he could have it instead. I happily said yes and informed the barista to give the 2 free stickers to the guy.

And that is how my 2nd random act of kindness happened. :)


  1. Last week pinamigay ko ren sticker ko sa ninang ni Travis. Di ko na kaya punuin yung sticker collection tapos naiisip ko kung magkano yung infant formula. Nyahaha :-)

  2. @ manong calbo: that's good to hear ... priorities talaga muna dapat

    @ michy: sayang

  3. I still have 12 more stickers to go >.< Hopefully by month-end ma-complete na :)

    PS: Wish there were kind-hearted people willing to give me stickers too ^^


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