Thursday, November 17, 2011


I've passed by this place about 3-4x already and have always wondered if the food being served is good. It looks fancy enough and the staff were friendly enough. I finally got the chance to try it thanks to A for Effort guy who would not take no for an answer.

The interior was indeed cozy and the crowd composed of the elite if I may say so. They were mostly class A and B. Looking back, my date and I were the simplest looking creatures inside.

Doesn't it look fancy? I like the elegant look and feel of it. It was very cozy and I felt at home.

Date and I ordered tuna and baked pasta. It was actually named something else but then again, I've always sucked in  remembering names of the dishes we ordered. 


baked pasta
What I can say is that both were really good and filling. It may look small but it was very heavy, heavy enough that as much as we wanted to finish it off, we just couldn't. It was too  much, but in a good way.

Thanks for the effort once more. :)


  1. The effort guy is becoming a regular face on your blog ah! :) Btw, these dishes look appetizing.. Why oh why do I live so far from Makati! >.<

  2. Regular na ba? you should read kitkat then ... that was worth 8 months tapos napunta rin sa wala lol

  3. Wooow, I'd like to try this out soon... but I could never drag my hubby to these fancy-looking places. :(

    He's more of an eat-all-you-can guy. :D

  4. @ yanna: go eat on your own then or with friends ;)


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