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underneath your clothes

or blanket is where I want to be right now. Rain is falling heavily and there is nothing that I want more than to snuggle under the covers and read a good book.

What do you like to do when its raining cats and dogs?


  1. Me...I'd love to snuggle with a pillow near a window while reading a book and sipping some hot home-made tablea drink

  2. Aside from reading a book, I want to just stay in bed and watch DVD or do a TV series marathon. :D

  3. Drink hot coffee or hot chocolate while watching TV all day -- my usual rainy day routine.. :)

  4. Kumain! lol! Specially humigop ng maiinit na sabaw.

  5. ako basa ng book at watch DVD ...

  6. I normally have hot soup and DVD marathon on a rainy day. :)


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