Thursday, November 24, 2011

SG ...

We met. You smiled at me I smiled at you but I didn't really feel any sparks. I thought you looked pretty okay. I was focused on the task at hand and felt conscious because I had to sing in front of a lot of people. You encouraged me.

We ended up hanging out that night. I honestly didn't think much of it. I was a bit busy mingling around and trying to be friendly but I remember us talking. We chatted about life and things. We performed and I got a bit wasted. When I was about to go home, you took me to where I needed to be to get my ride. You were a gentleman.

I still didn't think anything of it.

You sent an SMS. I replied. We eventually would text till the wee hours of the morning. Mind you, this is not a regular thing but when you text, you text. You said you found me pretty and that you admire my strength as a single Mom. We had plans to go out but it never pushed through because our schedules never met.

You didn't ask me out, never directly anyway. You never said anything about being interested in me. We just .... text. We just We just ... exist.

Finally, we hanged out. I say hanged out because I don't know if what we did was a date or not. I consulted two male friends and one said it was a date while the other said it was a non-date. Confuse me much?

I did have fun that night. I liked that you shared about yourself, your family, and your dreams. I liked that you talked but did not boast; that you have an opinion but you were not arrogant; and that you were smart but not overbearing.

I liked that you thanked me for my time. I liked that you liked my smile. I liked that you had fun and admitted that you did. It's rare for guys to do that.

We laughed.
We hanged.
We had fun.

Now I wonder if there will be more"non-dates/dates" for us in the future. I seriously like how this seems to be a getting to know stage in the truest sense of the word. Seriously, I do.


  1. Most of the time, men don't want to seem to be too direct when asking a girl out. Even when they like a girl so much, they will just give you hints. But I think, for someone to always text you and stay up even in the wee hours, it's something. :)

  2. hmm..I wonder what will happen next. :D

  3. Hi, Kay! finally you're on twitter. I followed you today. :)

    I back read. I can see your hands are full with lots of activities. Your site is updated(while I have a major back log), yet still a loving Mom to B.

    Cheers to more exciting times ahead!

  4. we just need to wait and see if there will be a second one with SG


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