Saturday, November 12, 2011

A for effort ...

I was having coffee last night with two guys and I was laughing my ass off. Yes, I was doing that at Shangri la Starbucks because I was telling one of the guys that the way we finally met is so worth a blog entry. He didn't seem to mind that he is about to be part of my chronicles of love and date stories so here goes another one.

This one I guarantee you will make you laugh and go, "now, that's persistence!"

I initially encountered him months ago on facebook. He tried to add me as a friend and I didn't know who he was. We exchanged messages and I eventually gave him my number. One time, he asked to see me in person and I thought why not? He seemed pretty decent.

I was mistaken. What happened after that initial agreed on meet up was a series of unfortunate events. He was super late and so I left. I sent a text and he got upset because he was already on his way. I got upset because he got upset.

I deleted his number. Days later, he texted. I replied, "who's this?" He introduces himself once more and make amends. I forgive.

He invited me again and this time he asks me if we could go dutch. I was not in a forgiving mood that time and was feeling particularly irksome with men so this rubbed me the wrong way. I lashed out and told him that if he didn't have money, he shouldn't ask me out. He got upset. I got upset.

I deleted his number, again. Weeks later, he texted. I replied, "who's this?" He introduces himself and the cycle starts again.

He does something, I get upset, he gets upset, I delete his number. Eventually, I don't reply anymore when he tells me its him. Months passed and I don't hear from him. I didn't even notice it then. He was a non-entity.

One day, a girl sends me a text message. I thought she was one of those looking for a textmate and so I told her off. She apologized and said that it was just that she found me pretty. I was confused. Who was this woman and why does she know I'm pretty? Hmm ...

I later learned that she knew a friend of mine and she saw my picture. She was into girls and wondered if I was too. I told her no but I made an effort to be nice to her. She would piss me off at times with her questions and insinuations but I tolerated her. I just couldn't find it in me to be nasty to someone like her. I wasn't in my comfort zone and I treaded carefully.

Yesterday morning, she tells me she's finally ready to meet me. I told her that there was a film fest that I'll be going to and she's free to join my friend and I. She refused. She wanted to meet me one on one and I just wasn't comfortable with it. I tell her these in no uncertain terms.

She replies, "Actually, I'm a guy. This is why I wanna meet you one on one. I just pretended to be a girl because I knew you wouldn't reply if you knew I was a guy."

FAIL! I was thinking, "WTF?!!?" Who was this crazy person and where did he come from? Was he a stalker? Was he someone I knew? He said we chatted before but the name he gave me did not ring a bell. As with any woman who has an inch of sanity in her, I still agreed to meet with him. I thought it was okay because its going to be in a mall and there will be a lot of people.

We met and there was no sense of recognition at all. I did not know who he was. Throughout the movie, he would say things and remind me of things. I kept thinking, he reminded me of someone but I couldn't place who it was. We had fun watching the movie and we talked about things. He was funny. He made me laugh and I felt comfortable.

We met up with my friend at Starbucks and he introduced himself to my friend. The name he gave though was not the name he gave me over the phone.

Time froze. I had one of those indie film moment where I was envisioning my jaw dropping to the floor while a big hammer was going "toink toink toink" on me and I was just screaming the entire time. Yep, that was how I reacted mentally in my head. In reality, I froze, uttered the words "he did not just say the name I think he did!" I then looked at him and said, "O?!?!?!"

He laughed. I smacked his shoulders again and again. He laughed. It seems that the guy I kept deleting from my phone book and him are one and the same. He finally came up with a plan to get me to meet him and he succeeded. He also succeeded in changing my opinion of him.

I couldn't really tell him that I did not have fun on our date because I did. I was laughing the entire time and we were just talking. I had to say, I was actually impressed. He was persistent and finally, he got me to say yes to a date with him, albeit, under a different name.

I was simply amazed that he went through so much trouble just to meet me. I found it endearing. Now, to say if he remains endearing or just another ass is up to him. For now, I believe that he deserves an A for effort. :)


  1. "now, that's persistence!" hahaha.. XD But I guess he didn't have to go through all that if he just went to your 1st date on time.. >.<

  2. Haha A for effort talaga!clap clap. And hanging out with him is worth a try since you enjoyed each other's company. Yun lang, "Now, to say if he remains endearing or just another ass is up to him."

  3. I liked what you said Sumi. Hahaha ...

    @ adie: tama naman diba? hehe

  4. What an interesting encounter! Natawa ako dito sa entry mo.


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