Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ultimate Taste Test: Food that I Liked!

 This is almost a week overdue but since life happens, I know I will be forgiven. So here goes my attempt to be a food critic for a day at the Ultimate Taste Test event. In hindisight, I figured that if I can still remember the food after a week, then it definitely left an impression.

Here goes ...

1. Choclery - the chocolates were not too sweet nor bitter. It was just the right amount of sweetness and the manchego  ones are to die for. They said they have a facebook page but I can't seem to find them.

2. Tacoholics

There is a story behind this. I was in line to try out their stall when I decided to have a bite of another stall's "pasta." I say "pasta" because it was one of the most vile things I have ever tasted. It was pretentious and trying hard. So as I was dissing said stall, the owners of Tacoholics apparently heard me. They were brave enough to give me a taco soon as I threw away the pasta I tried and told me that I would love their taco.

In my head, I said to myself, "really now?" I took a bite and I said, "oh yeah! It is pretty good." See, I'm not a fan of tacos. It would be one of the last few things you'd ever hear me recommend. I'm just not into it. This one though, I can definitely eat from time to time. The taste was not overbearing.

Sidenote: The guy manning the booth was sweet enough to give me some take home tacos. :) This is their facebook page.

3. Japanese Lechon - Pigs are raised in Japan and butchered here. It was divine. Sorry, no decent shot of this one. Their lechon and dessert are both worth it though.

4. Tilapia Ice Cream - It sounds icky but it tasted so YUMMY! Seriously. You need to try it. The tilapia flakes are there but it wasn't overbearing and it did not taste like fish at all.

Out of 30+ stalls, I only liked 4. Teehee.

Here are the contact details of the ones that I like and I recommend.


  1. "I figured that if I can still remember the food after a week, then it definitely left an impression." I agree!

    Choclery *drool*

    Tilapia ice cream. Seriously!?!? I really can't imagine. Intriguing. So what exactly does it taste lang kung di lasang fish? :-O

  2. i wonder how tilapia ice cream taste like. i want to have a taste of it too hihi

  3. I am so regretting not being able to attend the Ultimate Taste Test!!! >.< The chocolate from Choclery sounded yummy. And I'm not a big fan of Tacos too! :) But I can't forget the story you told us about that Taco guy.. Bihira lang ang di torpeng guys.. XD

    Would love to try the Japanese lechon too.. and I'm very intrigued with the Tilapia ice cream. Ngayon lang ako nakarinig nyan! XD Do they have a store somewhere? :)

  4. Is that tilapia ice cream out in the market? I'd love to try that :)

  5. Tilapia ice cream??? Eeek. Will probably try that after I give birth. :D My hubby wouldn't say no to this one though.

    Love love love tacos! :D

  6. I love tacos! Tacos and nachos are always included in our Christmas menu.
    The tilapia ice cream looks interesting. Where is it available?

  7. eekkie yung tilapia ice cream, but surely i will give it a try! =)

  8. Manchego and Japanese lechon - drooling over. I wanna try!

    As for the Tilapia ice cream, uhhh. Maybe next time. haha

  9. tilapia ice cream?! now that's a first for me... hehehe!

  10. the TILAPIA ice cream is so worth it!


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