Sunday, November 13, 2011

a Kitchen meet up with Mike

I was dying to try a new place that I haven't eaten at partly because I had no new entry for my food blog, The Gluttons Society and partly because I was just excited to try another one. Petra and Pilar felt so long ago and I was ready for a new resto.

My friend and I went around looking at new places to try. I had 4 choices and it was Cerveseria, Zuni, Felix and Kitchen. In the end, Kitchen won simply because their food looked pretty inviting, not intimidating.

Mike finally got to Kitchen just as L and I were sitting down. We hugged tightly because it has been years since we last saw each other. We'd always talk whenever I feel down but it has been years since we last saw each other.

No, we are not together. He is just a really dear friend of mine for over a decade now. 

Mike and I
We decided to order amidst chatter and greetings volleying back and forth. He met L and though I wouldn't say they hit it off instantly, I know that they are not bound to be at each others throats.

This is what we had.

on barbie's cue
egg on
caps and rolls
swirl on
beef it up

 This is our little group.

 And this is where we ate.

Overall, the servings were large, the food tasted good, and the staff attentive. However, for me, it is just another fancy place to eat at Greenbelt. There was nothing outstanding about the food we ordered.

It was a good thing I was with friends or else I'd be really disappointed with the place.


  1. Couldn't agree more. Foods always taste best when shared with people dear to you ;)

  2. Is that Mike Abundo? If so, I've known him from the cosplay community. Haha.. Small world.

    Anyway, most of the time it's the company that makes eating out a lot more fun. :)

  3. Wow, it's great seeing you with cool and long time friends having a nice bonding. this one is classic! Cannot be traded.:))

  4. Friends + food = Great day! :)

    My hubby will prolly like the fact that the servings are huge.. :P

  5. For some reason, I like eating in Kitchen. Haha. Maybe the confusing dim but harsh lighting and somewhat bare-but-warm interiors appeals to me. (Confused much?) And yeah, I get the On Barbie's Cue. For soup, I was able to get the tomato soup before. I just requested for queso de bola to go with it. :)

    But yes, any meal is definitely better if you love the company.

  6. Parang gusto ko yung barbie's cue! hehehe! Cute nung name ng dish.

  7. very creative names for the menu, I'm sure it was a pleasure browsing through it ;)

  8. Kitchen seems like a great place to hang-out with friends :)


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