Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cinema One Original: My Paranormal Romance

I've always wanted to watch a film festival and to my luck, I met a film reviewer at a blogger event and she invited me to watch the Cinema One originals film fest. She didn't mention it was the gala night so it was a sweet treat to find out that we would be watching along with the actors and directors of the movie that will be shown.

Due to schedules, I chose to watch My Paranormal Romance. Another reason was I found the title intriguing. I didn't know what it was about, and I had no idea who made it. I was after watching a film and prayed that it would be good or I would get my money's worth.

Fate was smiling on me because an online friend met up with me and he treated me to the movie which was a surprise. I didn't have to spend a dime. I thought to myself, if this movie sucked, I wouldn't hate it so much.

Here is a trailer of the movie we watched.

The film was done in the Bisaya dialect which I found hilarious because I am from Cebu and could understand everything. My date was from Cagayan de Oro and he too could understand what they were saying. It was a blast. The movie had us laughing and slapping our thighs out of sheer laughter. It was endearing and it was something a lot of people could relate to.

I totally got the lead. She was me, albeit she was prettier. She went through a lot of pain because of her wrong choices in men and she focused on her other dreams. She met someone and she's still hopelessly positive about it. She followed her heart.

It may seem like the movie was shallow but in reality, it is something everyone goes through save for those heartless creatures who find happiness in breaking hearts.

Verdict: This movie is worth watching!

I was also lucky enough to get a photo taken with the lead actor and the director, photos below respectively.

For a film fest newbie, I had such a wonderful time. Sadly, I wasn't able to get a photo taken with my friend. However, I do have photos of a new acquaintance who treated me and of course, myself. :)


  1. Yay!! It was indeed funny! And refreshingly and delightfully different-- especially to me who cannot understand the dialect. Charming movie. Glad to see you there and really happy that you had a blast!

  2. seems like a great film. cinema one always releases great material. hirap kaya ng screening process nila.

  3. He's the "A for Effort" guy! :)

    I thought this one's for free hindi pala hehe.Anyway, hope there's more film fests in our country. I think they're a good breather from those mainstreams movies we have

  4. @ steph: thank you again for inviting me

    @ wandering: it really was! sobra!

    @ adie: it really was a breath of fresh air ... I shall buy the DVD

  5. I haven't been to any film fests yet, but I'll make sure to catch one next time.

    Because of the title, I thought it was horror.. hahaha.. Paranormal Activity naman kasi naaalala ko! XD

    Anyway, glad you had a blast with the late, but ma-effort guy! ;)

  6. interesting trailer.

    looks like indie films are showing lots of promise to the movie industry :-)

  7. I've always love watching movies even those who aren't commercially popular but with good story and real-life connected. I've been a cinema addict eversince. But when I worked here in KSA, the addiction lessened. Probably, I guess because there is no cinema here and busy sa work.

  8. Looks like a good movie. I miss Cinema one on cable given that my current unit does not use Sky Cable.

  9. I blogged this movie already, and it is so beautiful and I am so proud that it was created in Cebu. I realize that, Bisaya films should be promoted and pursue.

  10. I haven't seen any Bisaya movie. I don't know how to speak the dialect, I wonder if I'll get the jokes quick enough.

  11. Watching indie films can actually be engaging -- very real. My kuya actually directed his first full-length under Cinema One last 2010. have you heard of Third World Happy starring Sam Milby and Jodi Sta. Maria? :)

  12. I've always wanted to watch indie films in the cinema but never had a chance. This definitely was a sweet treat! :)

  13. i like watching indie films, seems like a great movie..
    ntawa ako sa trailer!
    go merry. lol :)

  14. I hope this movie will be released on DVD with Tagalog and/or English subtitles.

  15. The title is indeed intriguing, and the fact it's in Bisaya would intrigue me even more, lol. I suppose film fests there are not free? Ours here are (although they're not exactly local, I mean the ones from the EU).


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