Sunday, November 6, 2011

31 Things Project: Date # 1

One of my pet projects for the year is to go out on more dates with my son. I want to have at least one date with him a month. It could be more but it has to be at least once a month.

Yesterday, I made good on that project with Date # 1. We went to Starbucks and hanged out. My sister came along as well and it was double the fun.

I like hanging out with my sister and son. They keep me grounded. I look forward to having more dates and more moments with them.


  1. It's a sweet thing that you really take time to bond w/ your son and sister...hope you'll have more of that to post later....:)

  2. This is really sweet of you achie Kay. It wouldn't only be fun, but will also be memorable for your son.. :) Looking forward to your next mommie-and-son dates!

  3. @ sumi: there will be A LOT more

    @ rene: buy one take one yang sis at son ko e haha


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