Thursday, November 10, 2011

meet up with Jiexie ... meet up with the SB collectors

I received a call yesterday from GO informing that there was a meet up during dinner time at Greenbelt. I told him that I would just meet Jiexie another day but he said she was fully booked and leaving for Malaysia this Friday. In my mind, I was thinking, "didn't she just get in today?"

It seems she is in for a few days only and so I reshuffled my schedule for the day. I was a bit apprehensive about meeting up because my former Starbucks group would be there. I left the group months ago and this was the first I'll be seeing them. I wasn't sure about how they will receive me but realized that it doesn't really matter. I was going for an online friend who was nice to me and that was that.

I was late getting there because I came from work but I was happy because 3 of my friends were there and there were a few friendly faces in the sea of collectors. Jixie was also very warm in welcoming me.

I and Jixie
the core members
real people
showing off my new Vienna mug with L

And below, is my gift to Jiexi. I hope she likes it. :)

Seeing the group yesterday, I realized that my decision to leave did me good and I do not regret it. I got to keep the people I wanted to keep and who were worth keeping. I also rediscovered why I love my mug collection without having to obsess over it needlessly.

To more mugs ... to real friendship ... to true people.


  1. Lucky you sis, you are passionate and disciplined enough to have a collection. :) I think the only collection I have is random papers and flyers. :P

  2. @ yanna: yep ... I have so many collections to be honest :)

  3. yey! you're an SB collector pala. i collect, too, but not so much... only the coffee mugs of the places that i've been to :)


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