Saturday, November 19, 2011


I first saw Cerveseria at our food group's facebook page. A co-member posted about it and I vowed to try this place out. You're probably gonna ask why I wanted to eat at this place right?

Yep, the place had bookshelves as decor. A bookworm like me could not resist and the blogger and foodie  in me just had to visit it.

This place is located near Seattles Best Coffee in Greenbelt 3. The place is a little intimidating because it boasts of an upper class ambience.

I love it though. I met up with the PEx Bloggers Club at this place and took charge in ordering what we were going to have for dinner since they were all late.

Tapas Platter

Paella Cerveseria

Chorizo rice

Iberian Chicken
The food was splendid and rich in taste. It wasn't lacking and the servings were big. We all had a good time munching and eating. What I liked about this group was that everyone was taking pictures of the food and dissecting the taste.

We obviusly had fun. :) It was good food  and great company.


  1. It was nice meeting all of you! Looking forward sa next PEx bloggers eating, ay.. meeting pala ^^

  2. hahahaha me too Sumi ... me too!


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