Saturday, November 5, 2011

I present ... the coffeeholic ...

I thought it would take me a long time to get you. I was actually prepared to test my EQ and wait it out for two weeks. Yep, two weeks. I was ready to have a cup from time to time only and to not rush into getting it all.

Fate intervened. I was able to get 12 stickers for free from random strangers and a few more from friends who are ever supportive of my crazy obsession.

With that I present ...

Yep ... I got my Starbucks planner after 2 days only.  I'm insane. I know. But I'm happily insane.

the 5 designs

what comes with it

how big it is

not so big after all
I have already started using it and its going to get used to since its a tad smaller than the standard planner I'm used to but I'm starting to like it.

Still, I can't wait to get my hands on the Seattles Planner as well. :)


  1. You are truly a coffeholic!! I used to get planners and would use it in the beginning of the year then slowly forget it as the months pass by hehehe

  2. Ambilis mo talaga achie Kay! XD Anyway, a lot of my friends have been collecting Starbucks planner for years, but I haven't joined the bandwagon. I love coffee but I prefer CBTL since I'm also a sucker for tea.. ^^

  3. Bilis Sis ah.. ;) Hehehe.. you got it already? Wooow, Imma get me a planner soon --- pero Mommy planner muna siguro.. :)

  4. INGGIT!!! i still have 9 more stickers to go. LOL

  5. Whoa! That was fast! :) Kailangan ko na din maghanap ng random strangers ko! Hehe. :) Is this year's planner better than last year's? :)

  6. @ everyone: Yep ... I get help naman kasi e. I charm or persuade hahaha


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