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goodbye planner

... that is, good bye to the 2011 starbucks planner that I had. Amongst all the planners I previously owned, this one was the most used and loved. On this planner, everything that happened to me from December 2010 - November 2011 is written. Work, life, dates, falling in love, heartbreaks ... everything. I can flip through a page and know what happened on a certain day. It feels nice.

On this, I wrote down thoughts and ideas as well as plans.

Today, I feel a bit of nostalgia as I flip through the pages and  saw my own notes. I felt the exhilaration, pain, bitterness, and love all over again.

Today, I say goodbye to my old planner whom I will utilize for 2 more days and I get ready to say hello to the 2012 planner. I hope that though smaller, it will be able to contain thoughts, blips, ideas, and notes about my life that is kulayful.

So to you my new planner ... here's to a fresh start.


  1. Nakaka-inspire ka Ms. Kaye. I had owned a lot of planners but ni isa, di ko nabigyan ng justice. I hope to give one in the year to come....:D

  2. Balang araw magkakaroon ulit ako nyan. Pero ngayon ay gatas at diaper muna ni Travis yung pambili ko ng kape :-D

  3. @ oceanne: sanayan lang yan :)

    @ manong calbo: pag may extra bigyan kita planner

  4. I also use my planner as some sort of a diary, and rarely as a real planner.. haha.. :) Mine though is probably not as used and loved as yours.. ^^ Hope I can get my SB planner soon. Makachamba sana na may magbigay ng mga stickers.. hahaha.. XD

  5. such a well-used planner. my old planners from yesteryears are very much like that. full of everything that transpired in my life. recently though, i've been a little discreet, and just wrote some for work, and codes which i hope to remember later on in life. hehehe!

  6. Oww. your planner was abused.haha. :D I'll be using my new planner on the 2012. I still have to abuse my 2011.hehe

  7. It does feel nice when you go through the year's planner, specially when the year's about to end. :)

    Good memories.:)

  8. I'm bad at keeping planners, I just use notebooks. as in old school tiny notebooks. lol :) but yes, pick a page and you'll be transported back in time. It feels so nice ^_^

  9. I do planning a lot too but never ako nag expect na lahat magawa ko.. il just go wit the flow.. kung ano plan ni god sakin happy n ako dun! ^_^

  10. ambilis meron ka na agad! patingin naman ng loob :)

  11. Buti ka pa super nagamit mo yung 2011 planner mo. Ako I was only able to write entries half of January and then wala na, blank na lahat. Hahaha. Sayang.

    So for this year, I decided not to get myself one. Hope your 2012 planner will be filled with lots of new dates, adventures and breakthroughs :)


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